kokum shrbat

kokum shrbat

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What is KOKUM – Kokum is a tropical summer fruit with a sharp tangy taste. The small round kokum fruit is red in colour when on the tree but the colour changes to deep purple, almost blackish when it is ripe and dried. The kokum tree is indigenous and extensively found along the Western Ghats in India. Chilled
Chilled kokum juice is had as a delicious and cooling summer drink. In fact all parts of the kokum fruit including its seeds is very rich in its nutritional content and has the power to benefit your body in many ways, building your natural immunity.
Did you know that this local summer fruit is power-packed with so much nourishment that it can give you some really great health benefits As per ayurveda, the dried kokum fruit, made into and consumed as Kokum juice is a natural remedy to enhance the digestive Agni or fire and improve the body’s pachan shakti or digestion. The benefits of
Kokum juice as per ayurveda are listed below.
1. Kokum is useful to ease Acidity & Improve Digestion
2. Kokum can elevate your mood
3. Kokum is good for healing cuts, wounds and swelling
4. Kokum can be helpful in weight loss
5. Kokum Is Beneficial For Diabetics
6. Kokum Is Loaded With Nutrients
7. Kokum Is Cooling & Hydrating

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