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Essential Oil | Juniper Berry

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Juniper Berry the “Glow Potion” as due to its natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial abilities it is very well known to fight skin infections, help heal conditions caused by hormonal imbalances and helps increase blood circulation which results in glowing skin.

The Essential Oil of Juniper Berry has a woody, sweet, smokey, calming, cleansing, purifying aroma and is known as a powerful cleanser and tonic.

Juniper Berry has positive effects on the brain when inhaled, one of the most effective essential oils for dealing with inner pain & trauma.

Historically, Juniper Berry has been used to drive away negative energy, to purify and protect one's aura. With the ability to transform negative emotions into positive emotions, Juniper is both a spiritual and bodily protector.

Juniper clears obstructions on our pathway to the divine spirit allowing enlightenment and inner vision, uplifts the heart, mind and spirit.