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Wheatgrass is nature’s finest medicine. It contains most of the minerals that are known to mankind and even has the power to reverse the life threatening conditions like cancer. It boosts the immune system and provides abundant oxygen to the cells that helps create a stable and healthy environment in our body. To get the full benefits of Wheatgrass, the juice must always come from a fresh plant.

Wheatgrass is a concentrated source of many nutrients. It contains 70 percent crude chlorophyll. The pigment that gives plants their green colour and is the real life force of living beings. It is particularly beneficial for humans because it oxygenates the body and has anti-inflammatory and anti-carcenogenic properties. It improves respiratory functions, digestive health and also removes the toxins that clogs the tissues, blood and organs.

Notable benefits are: 

- Neutralizes toxins in the body
- Fights and prevents cancer
- Helps in treating PCOS
- Purifies the liver
- Controls blood sugar
- Repairs cellular damage
- Slows down the ageing process
Flavour profile | Sweet

How much wheatgrass juice should be had daily?

Begin with a 30 ml shot. As your body gets used to it, you can increase the quantity to 50 ml.

Drinking Instructions

Cut a handful of wheatgrass from 1- 1 ó inches above the base of the grass. Wash it and juice it with some water. Strain and consume within 6 minutes on an empty stomach. You should ideally have 30 ml of wheatgrass juice everyday.

Maintenance Instructions

Air & Light: Keep the tray in a well-ventilated balcony/room that receives partial sunlight.

Bottom – Watering: Never water from the top. [The tray has got holes at the bottom] Fill some water in a tray or a pan. Dip the wheatgrass tray halfway into water. Take the tray out after 1 minute. You should feel the tray getting heavier. Tilt the tray carefully to drain out the excess water. Do this twice daily.

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