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Laundry Liquid Concentrate | Bio Liquid Laundry

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Concentrate, it's good for your health! Rustic Art Bio laundry concentrate now brings you the 'Less is More' DIY pack. Dilute the bio laundry in water to obtain 1-1.5 liters of bio laundry liquid, ready to use overnight!

Lemon's acidity along with coconut, Karanja and soapnut, Rustic Art Bio laundry concentrate is the perfect cleanser and stain remover. Carefully formulated to be safe to use, now say good bye to chemicals and the worries surrounding the same. Use around 10-15 ml for one machine load and welcome back your clothes as new!

Requires lesser water to rinse off, thus saving time, water and energy! Economical: Effective cost of about Rs.. 70/100 ml when diluted to 1 litre.