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Bhag Machar Bhag - Mosquito Repellant

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BMB- Bhag Machar Bhag is a 100% Natural DEET free mosquito repellent oil that offers long term protection from disease-causing mosquitoes as well as other insects. This solution is very easy to use and economical as only a few drops are required to cover exposed areas of the body. 

Most importantly, BMB is free from the harmful effects of widely used mosquito repellents such sprays, coils, vaporisers and skin ointments, which are laden with toxic chemicals which affect the body’s normal functioning very adversely. This approach will surely bring about a sustainable healthcare revolution of sorts,which is economical, improves wellness and does not compromise on side effects and is highly effective.

The natural herbs and extracts are protective and comforting to the skin. Easy to carry and convenient to use, this plant oil blend is highly effective and has a long-lasting effect