Amla murraba

Amla murraba
Amla murraba

Amla murraba

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Amla Murabba is made from organically grown Amla and raw sugar (desi Khand & mishri) both grown and processed in our partner-controlled farms with organic ways of farming.  This is further packed without any sugar syrup and preservative or artificial additives. Free of any kind of preservatives, artificial additives, and refined sugars. Some things you should note about organic Amla Murabba:

  1. You may hear a fizzing sound while opening the jar after 2-3 days. 

  2. Change in the colour of amla. 

  3. Colour change is completely normal for organic Amla Murabba and is fit for consumption till 3 months from the packing date. 

  4. You may also experience slight sourness, which is completely normal and is the real taste of Amla, as we don't overuse sweeteners in making this murabba.  

Benefits of Amla Murabba: 

  1. It is a powerful source of Vitamin C. 

  2. Amla is rich in disease-fighting antioxidants. 

  3. Provides the immune system with essential minerals. 

  4. It contains several anti-aging and immunity-boosting properties.


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