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About this product

100% Naturally grown | Pesticide-free | Single farm produce

Origin: Tamil Nadu
Harvest of: 2021

Bursting with flavour and intensely aromatic just like fine wine.

This pepper is grown on an organic estate in the hills of Tamil Nadu. It has a perfectly balanced piquancy with lingering heat in the back and a complex aroma that make it unbelievably delish. We tried black pepper from a couple of farmers in the south. While each was unique in its own way, nothing came close to the pepper we’ve got for you. The consistency in colour and size is markedly noticeable.

Taste profile:

It has a perfectly balanced piquancy with a lingering heat and a complex aroma that make it unbelievably delish. You know the drill, grind over everything where you need that extra hit of flavour and bam!

Other information: 

Supposedly the potency of black pepper is judged by its size and colour–the bigger the better. How old-school! But that’s not even close to the truth. The size is not always the indicator of how potent your pepper is. Try these and you’ll know yourself. Black pepper grows in bunches like grapes, on a vine. Most black peppercorns are harvested while still green, and the drying process gives them their distinctive dark skin. Crush the peppercorns as needed and use them immediately to get the best from it.


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