Single origin powdered lakadong turmeric


About this product

8.4% cur cumin | 100% Naturally grown | Pesticide-free | Single farm produce

Origin: Meghalaya
Harvest of: March 2021

Lakadong is an heirloom variety of turmeric known for its high curcumin content. While regular turmeric varieties contain anywhere between 2-4% curcumin, our turmeric contains a whooping 8.4%.

You’ll instantly notice that our turmeric has a deep yellow colour and a swoon-worthy aroma which is the perfect indication of our turmeric being well, only turmeric. It’s extremely potent so a little goes a long way!

Why should you care about curcumin?

Well technically because curcumin is the naturally occurring compound in turmeric that gives it the deep yellow colour along with it’s many medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties. So the more the better right?

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