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Unpasteurized, Unprocessed, and Unheated 100% pure raw honey. No chemicals. No added sugar. No additives. Naturally delectable flavour is a testament to its purity.

Uniflora Honey: This is not an infused honey, this is unifloral honey which is collected by doing beekeeping in Ajwain farms only. Bee Boxes are placed during flowering season so that bees collect nector from nearby Ajwain flowers available to them. This is way all our unifloral honeys are different in taste, aroma and colour.

Raw honey has high tendency to crystallize. Crystallization also shows the purity & raw nature of Honey. Our honey may freeze/crystallize during winter seasons. If you see it in frozen condition (like Desi Ghee) just put the bottle in hot water to bring it back to its fluid state. Crystallization does not affect Honey quality & you can consume in that state as well.

Directions for use:

Individuals trying to lose weight are suggested to consume one spoon Ajwain honey with lemon juice first thing in the morning for best results, For people suffering from common cold shall consume one spoon of Ajwain honey with garlic paste at night before bed. For general wellness, honey can be consumed anytime as a replacement to sugar.


Q1. What are the benefits of ajwain honey?

Answer: Vediko’s organic Ajwain Honey combines the benefits of raw honey with organically grown Ajwain. It helps in preventing acid reflux while fighting harmful infections. It also acts wards off respiratory diseases.

Q2: What is Raw Honey?

Answer: Raw honey is best described as honey that exists in the beehive, obtained directly from the honeycomb by extraction.

Q3. What is the difference between raw honey and processed honey?

Answer. The main difference between raw and processed honey, is the extraction method and thereby, the nutritional value. Raw honey contain more variety and amount of nutrients because it does not go through pasteurization and filtration.

Q4. Is Raw Honey safe?

Answer. It is safe to consume raw honey because of the medicinal properties it contains.

Q5. Can babies consume raw honey?

Answer. Mothers are suggested to not feed their infants raw honey for it is associated with a gastrointestinal condition, called, infant botulism. However, babies with over one year of age can consume it.

Q6. Does raw honey crystallize?

Answer: The overabundance of sugar makes honey unstable, so, it’s natural for honey to crystallize. Nobody can fully prevent raw honey from crystallizing, but one can take steps to slow down the process. Crystallization happens much faster at lower temperatures.

Q7: How is raw honey processed?

Answer: Vediko’s raw honey is processed organically by extraction from the honeycombs of the hive and pouring it over a mesh or nylon cloth to remove the impurities such as beeswax and dead particles.

Q8. How does raw honey taste like?

Answer: Vediko’s aromatic raw honey which looks like a liquid gold, has a complex flavor profile with natural sweetness and light robustness.

Q9. Is there any flavour in your jamun, tulsi, ajwain or litchi honey?

Answer: Vediko’s raw honey combined with native organic herbs and berries, are rich in flavor. Tulsi, ajwain, litchi and jamun, all have a natural flavor with numerous health benefits. These varieties are naturally flavored as per their floral origin. These are not artificially infused or flavored.

Q10. Does raw honey expire?

Answer: All of Vediko’s honey products are best 18 months from packing date.

Q11. Can raw honey be applied on face?

Answer: Honey is considered as an effective topical treatment for skin conditions on the face or other parts of the body due to the presence of microbial agents. But, different skin types react to natural remedies differently. So, one must first do a test on their hand or check in with their dermatologist.


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