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About this product

Certified Organic 100% natural apple cider vinegar is made out of hand picked apples organically grown by independent farmers in Himachal Pradesh.

  • The Naturally fermented process allows apples to retain minerals, vitamins and natural acids, giving it its characteristic taste and aroma so you can enjoy all the goodness.
  • Vegan, Raw, Unfiltered, Gluten Free, Unpasteurized and Non GMO with 4.8% genuine mother of vinegar to give best health benefits.
  • When Consumed, acts as an efficient Weight Loss drink, Immunity Booster Drink, it has benefits of tropical use as well that cleanses hair and skin on application.
  • Your gut is your second mind, A Healthy Gut leads to A Healthy Mind and Supports a Healthy Heart.
  • Other Benefits:
    • Makes Stomach feel better.
    • Aids Weight Loss.
    • Maintains blood sugar level.
    • Reduces Cholesterol.
    • Improves heart health
    • Absorbs more of food’s nutrients.
    • Powerful anti-bacterial & anti fungal.
    • Great for skin & hair care.


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