Natural Menstrual Cup Wash Powder (250gm)


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About this product

Product Description

Is your Menstrual Cup stained, feels old, aged and over used? Free your menstrual cup from stains, discoloration, odour, nasty deposits and odour. It also cleanses the air holes with ease. It prevents the salt deposits due to hard water as well. It can be used on first day and last day after the cycle or more often as per your preference. It is formulated to be suitable for all silicone and TPE menstrual cups. Enjoy a Menstrual Cup which is as good as new month after month.

Skin / Hair Type

All Silione & TPE Menstrual Cups


Sdium Percarbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate

How to use

Dissolve half tea spoon natural cup wash powder in hot water. Keep your menstrual cup in it for at least 15 mins. Rinse with fresh water. Enjoy a stain free menstrual cup.

Shelf Life

Best Before 36 months

Weight 250 g


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