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Unpasteurised, Unprocessed, & Un-heated 100% pure raw honey. No chemicals. No added sugar. No additives. Naturally delectable flavour is a testament to its purity

This is not an infused honey, this is uni-floral honey which is collected by doing beekeeping in organic farms only. Bee Boxes are placed during flowering season so that bees collect nector from nearby flowers available to them. This is way all our unifloral honeys are different in taste, aroma and colour.

Raw honey has high tendency to crystallise. Crystallization also shows the purity & raw nature of Honey. Our honey may freeze/crystallize during winter seasons. If you see it in frozen condition (like Desi Ghee) just put the bottle in hot water to bring it back to its fluid state. Crystallisation does not affect Honey quality & you can consume in that state as well

Directions for use: Individuals trying to lose weight are suggested to consume one spoon multi-floral honey with lemon juice first thing in the morning for best results, For people suffering from common cold shall consume one spoon of Multifloral honey with garlic paste at night before bed. For general wellness, honey can be consumed anytime as a replacement to sugar.


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