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For a healthy family, it is important to maintain a chemical-free method for washing clothes. Our Natural Fabric Wash can be used for all types of fabrics and it is compatible for Top & Front-loading machines as well as for Handwash/Bucket wash. Our Natural Fabric Wash maintains the softness and freshness of the fabric after every wash and gently removes even the toughest stains on clothes, leaving them soft, fresh and fragrant.

Many disease-causing germs are contained in unhealthy soap powders, liquids, and clothes which are not washed well. To keep you & your family away from microbes that spread infections, it’s important to keep your clothes clean and fresh. This Natural Fabric Wash has been made from natural ingredients like Soap nut oils, Lemon oils, and Coconut-based surfactants and does not contain phthalates, chlorine, artificial dyes, etc.

Lemon oil – 1%
Coconut Betaine – 10%
Soap nut Extract – 30%
Fragrance – 2%
Emulsifiers  – 2%
Excipients  – Q.S

Directions for use:

Top & Front-loading machines: Add 30 ml or one capful for 10 to 12 medium-size clothes (approximately 6 kgs). Pour natural fabric wash in detergent compartment or add directly on clothes.

Handwash / Bucket Wash: Add 30 ml or one capful of natural fabric wash into a bucket of water and soak required clothes and follow regular washing procedure.

Keep away from children. For external use only

Can be used for all types of fabrics.
Compatible for Top & Front-loading machines and Handwash/Bucket wash.
Maintains the softness and freshness of the fabric after every wash.
Pleasant fragrance and inbuilt conditioner.
Not tested on Animals.
No other soap powder or liquid required.

Herbal Strategie products don’t contain any harmful chemicals. They are:
Non-toxic & biodegradable.
Made exclusively from natural ingredients & plant extracts.
Never tested on animals.
Kind to waterways and marine life.
Safe for kids & cause zero side effects.


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