I Liv and Tranquil – Anxiety Stress Sleep


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A unique blend of multi-functional plant oils that support & maintain a calm mind. Useful for all ages, this plant oil blend relaxes everyday stress & optimizes emotional health & wellbeing.

I-Liv – A unique blend of natural oils that impact cortisol, the stress hormone and its effects. It helps optimize, support & maintain a calm and balanced mind in times of stress.

Tranquil – Nature’s answer to a disturbed and constantly working mind, that refuses to sleep well. It is a plant extract based oil blends that calm the mind to rest well so as to be energetic the next day. It helps improve quality of sleep.

 Key Highlights

  • Manages cortisol levels
  • Manages anxiety and stress
  • Helps reduce frequent irritation
  • Helps calm the mind
  • Supports enhancing quality of sleep
  • Supports longer and sound sleep

Since these are used topically (no ingestion), they are safe for use. This helps reduce intake of conventional medicines, being holistically accepted by the body. It also reduces costs significantly – direct as well as indirect, and improves quality of life.

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