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100% Robusta beans

Single estate coffee – Manjarabad

Roast level : Medium Plus

Processing : Pulped sun-dried

India boasts of the world’s best Robusta beans and the award winning Harley Estate in Manjarabad, Karnataka, stands testimony to it. The 300 acre estate has been producing fully shade-grown Indian Robusta since the early 1860s, making them win laurels year and again.

How these beans are processed is quite unique – The coffee fruit i.e. the red cherry (pulp) is washed away and the beans are sun-dried till it turns a fruity brown. This lends it a wonderful fruity flavour which a completely washed bean would not be able to boast of.

Pack size : 200gms

Tasting Notes : 

Whole Beans –  Dark Chocolate, Medium acidity, Full body

French Press –  Dark Chocolate, Baked Biscuits, Medium acidity, Full body

Drip Filter – Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Tea Cake, Medium acidity, Full body

Mokapot / Percolator –  Dark Chocolate, Medium Acidity, Full body

Espresso – Dark Chocolate, Medium acidity, Full body

Aeropress –  Roasted. Peanuts, Medium acidity, Full body

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