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Grape seed oil is pressed from the seeds of grapes, and is thus an abundant by-product of wine making. Unrefined grapeseed oil is green in colour.  Grapeseed oil which is NOT deodorized may give out a strong acidic wine-like smell (it’s NOT rancid) and it dissipates easily.

Grapeseed Oil is completely hit with a whole lot of hollywood celebrities like Emma Stone & Megan Fox!

Grape seed oil is rich in vitamins D,C,& E. The carrier oil contains beta-carotene, palmitic acid, and linoleic acid. The oil is mostly beneficial for sensitive, mature, and oily skin types, due to the essential fatty acids, and vitamins it contains. Grape seed oil is non-comedogenic, and is easily absorbed into the skin without leaving an oily residue. The natural astringent and antioxidant properties assist in the prevention of free radicals, while improving the overall elasticity of the skin.

The thumb rule to keep in mind for all Essential Oil usage is the dilution should be kept at 3%. Essential Oils are very strong and potent and should be used sparingly. Please maintain caution on usage.

This information is not intended as diagnosis, treatment or prescription for any disease, nor is it presented as an alternative to regular medical attention. Please note very few modern medical research studies have been conducted to be able to affirm or disapprove the effective of essential oils. If medical attention is indicated please contact a health professional. 

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