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About this product

The highest quality kefir grains fermented to perfection, giving you delicious Goat Milk filled with probiotic goodness.

Try out our kefir from Courtyard Farms and experience the rich taste of freshly prepared kefir that will stimulate your buds and keep you wanting more of this delicious kefir. Here’s why Kefir at Courtyard Farms is the best;

  • Made from the finest quality of fresh goat milk sourced from free-range goats that graze in lush green pastures at the Aravalli hills
  • Hygienically packed with utmost care into glass bottles
  • Available in five flavors ranging from Classic, Blueberry, Blueberry with chia seeds, strawberry, strawberry with sabja seeds.
  • All flavoring agents including the various fruits, berries, and grains are handpicked from natural sources
  • No preservatives or artificial additives are added
  • Enriches your health by providing you with the required level of probiotics and nutrients essential for healthy living
  • Suitable for consumption by people of all ages


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