Extra virgin avocado & onion seed oil blend


About this product

The avocado & onion seed oil is a perfect amalgamation of hydration & nutrients for damaged hair. Use as intensive hair treatment, leaving your hair nourished & moisturised.

– Enhances the absorption of important nutrients.
– May reduce symptoms of arthritis.
– May help prevent gum disease.
– Improves skin & enhances wound healing.
– Prevents hair loss & boosting hair regrowth
– Helps control premature greying, dryness, dandruff, & scalp eruptions.

Directions for Use:
For face, body & hair

– Apply generously for deep moisturising. 
– Apply on hair as intensive hair growth treatment.
– Hydrates & nourishes the hair. 
– Prevents breakage & frizz of hair

– 50% Avocado oil (extra virgin cold-pressed)

– 50% Onion seed oil
– 100% Olive oil (extra virgin cold-pressed)

*All Three Sisters Organics products are 100% Natural, pure skin care product. Completely chemical free, no added preservatives. Natural Product may vary in contents.

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