Diabecare & Forti5 Essential – Diabetic Care


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About this product

Diabecare & Forti5, help the body to maintain sugar levels, improve organ function and remain in a healthy state. An age-old formulation that supports the body against the ills of modern day living- pollution, food preservatives, pesticides and other allergens. Such toxins lead to inflammation and subsequent ill effects.

The combo set helps support body homeostasis, in restoring body balance in conditions of above mentioned stress & oxidative stress, and also aids in removal of toxins and cleansing of liver, kidneys etc. This helps reduce intake of conventional medicines and maintains blood sugar levels being holistically accepted by the body.

Key Highlights  

  • Manages HBA1C levels
  • Manages Glucose Fasting and Glucose levels (PP)
  • Supports in reduction of fatigue levels

Since these are used topically (no ingestion), they are safe for use. This helps reduce intake of conventional medicines, being holistically accepted by the body.


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