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Cedarwood the “The Wisdom Potion”  as it stimulates the mind, maintains steadiness, balance and integrity. Extracted from the wood pieces (Cedrus Deodar) tree through Steam Distillation. The oil of Cedarwood has a delightful, woodsy, calming & grounding aroma said to induce steadiness, security and stillness. 

Cedarwood Essential Oil purifies energy and releases toxic emotions that stifle spiritual growth and is mentioned in the Bible as a symbol of safety and is said to be our link to our ancestors. 

Cedarwood Essential oil is known to stimulate metabolism and acts as an adaptogen. It helps regulate menstruation and balance hormones which makes it a great natural support for women.

– Relieving insomnia and promoting a good night’s sleep
– Calming & empowering the mind
– Relieves stress & anxiety
– Calming an overactive and over-analytical mind. 
– Detoxifying emotional mayhems
– Improving Focus & Memory
– Calming symptoms of ADHD
– Purifying indoor air
– Acting as a Diuretic – Helps reduce water retention
– Repelling insects and moths

Massage & Application:
– Relieving seborrheic eczema
– Relieving arthritis pain
– Reducing and calming nerve inflammation
– Easing muscle pain
– Subsiding and healing acne
– Hydrating dry scalp & hair
– Fighting Hair loss
– Toning Skin
– Evening out the complexion
– Calming restless leg syndrome
– Boosting vitality, especially pre-workout

The thumb rule to keep in mind for all Essential Oil usage is the dilution should be kept at 3%. Essential Oils are very strong and potent and should be used sparingly. Please maintain caution on usage.


This information is not intended as diagnosis, treatment or prescription for any disease, nor is it presented as an alternative to regular medical attention. Please note very few modern medical research studies have been conducted to be able to affirm or disapprove the effective of essential oils. If medical attention is indicated please contact a health professional. 

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