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Single estate coffee – Biligiri rangana hills

Roast level : Medium

Processing : Aerobic fermentation

Attikan Estate, nestled at 1700m above sea level in the Bilgiri Rangan Hills of Karnataka, is where one of India’s best Arabica coffees is grown. The estate is home to large silver oaks, figs and citrus trees that provide ample shade to this award-winning coffee and is also home to various species of birds, elephants and bison. The Bilgiri Hills are called so because it is covered with white clouds almost all throughout the year. The beans upon harvest are processed in an Aerobic fermentation method that makes the coffee naturally sweeter.

Pack Size – 200gms

Tasting notes :

Whole Beans – Peanuts, Chocolate, Maple syrup , Medium acidity, full body

French Press – Peanuts, Butter, Maple syrup , Medium acidity, full body

Drip filter – Walnuts, Salted Caramel , Medium acidity, full body

Mokapot / Percolator – Lemongrass, fresh Orange tangy aftertaste, Low acidity, medium body 

Espresso – Caramel Toffee, Lemon sweet aftertaste, Medium acidity, full body

Aeropress – Dark Chocolate, Maple syrup, Medium acidity, full body

Weight 250 g


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