Arabica Coffee Blend


About this product

This is a 100% arabica coffee blend.

100% arabica blend is a medium roast coffee which has been created especially to change the perception of coffees being uncomfortably bitter! It consists of 3 different varieties of high grade Arabicas with different post-harvest processes sourced from plantations in Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Pack size : 200gms

Tasting Notes : 

Whole Beans – Sweet berries, roasted Peanuts, no bitterness, Low acidity, full body

French Press – Chocolate, Peanuts, Berry like sweet aftertaste, Low acidity, full body

Drip filter – Sweet cherries, Dried Nuts, Medium acidity, Medium body

Mokapot / Percolator – Sweet cherries, Nutty taste, Medium acidity, Medium body

Espresso – Date jaggery, roasted Peanuts like aftertaste, Low acidity, full body, bright balanced cup

Aeropress – Milk chocolate, Fermented berries like aftertaste, Medium acidity, full body  

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