About Us

The Roots | Natural & Organic Food Store is a family operated food and lifestyle store in Delhi that opened its doors on December 2010. Founded by Daisy and Rakesh Malik with a vision to share the many benefits their family experienced by adapting a chemical-free lifestyle with others. Our family journey began when our grandson was diagnosed with multiple food allergies rendering his immune system weak & compromised.

“Our grandson at the age of 6 months was diagnosed with multiple food allergies. By shifting to organic food & eliminating chemically infused products from his surroundings he was able to overcome food allergies (medical supervision advisable) and develop well. It reinforced our own faith in the use of chemical free products along with the need to eat clean and live sustainably as a family ”
- Daisy.

With increased belief and knowledge in the benefits, that locally grown, natural, chemical-free and organic products provide, we have recently opened our second store in Model town, making these wonderful products and services more accessible to you and your family. 

Why Organic?
It’s a question we may ask ourselves over and over again before adapting an overall chemical-free lifestyle. The answer is simple organic or chemical-free is not new a new trend, it was a way of life for our grandparents and parents until the invention of pesticides, chemicals and preservatives. An entire generation never questioned the use of adulterants in their food chain and items of daily use until their children started developing lifestyle diseases at a young and tender ages. However, now, there is enough living evidence that proves the ill-effects of agro-chemicals & other adulterants on human life and the environment as a whole.
Having witnessed the ill effects of pesticides on their soils and environment a rapidly growing number farmers across India are now pursuing sustainable, natural and organic farming. The time has come when we must all work towards improving the quality of our life by switching over to sustainable and chemical-free food and other lifestyle products. To do so we need to consciously begin by limiting our exposure to pesticides and chemicals in food, household products, cosmetics, garments, etc.

Why choose us?
The Roots family, is dedicated to enhancing your food eating experience. We strongly believe in enabling our customers to lead, happy, healthy & disease-free lives. Having spent many years adapting the lifestyle as a family we understand the difficulties and challenges people go through in trying to do so. We are happy to help you navigate through the daunting task of switching to a sustainable lifestyle.  The Roots team is always here to assist you. 
The products we stock carefully handpick from across India to ensure only the best reach our customer. We consistently endeavour to add new and unique products that cater the growing food and lifestyle needs. Our product list is extensive and ever-growing. 

Products from reputed certified organic Indian brands to home grown brands that offer great quality and variety are available at our stores in Delhi.

We also supply special dietary needs like gluten free, vegan, macrobiotics etc.

Visit us and lead your life to health and vitality.