A2 Desi Cow Milk | Amlaan
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Commercialization has invaded the natural ways of growing anything. Amlaan intends to bring those days back, when things were done with love and patience. We are nurturing our desi Gir cows with utmost care to make them feel at home once again. We strive to give more people the pleasure of enjoying the nutritional goodness of their real delicious milk.

Here are some interesting facts about our farm fresh A2milk! 

1) Desi Gir Cows milk has nourishing A2 protein also found in mother's milk and is an excellent health tonic for kids and adults alike!
2) A2 milk is easier to digest and suits even those who think they have lactose intolerance!
3) Farmed with love - Cows are not tied, the calf is given the first right over the mother's milk and the cows are kept with tender loving care.
4) Organic feed and Ayurvedic herbs are given to the cows,  allopathic medicines are avoided. 
5) We adopt environmentally conscious practices - we use decomposable paper boxes for packaging, have a bio gas plant that generates green power and use bio manure for growing fodder.


Delivery Available in Delhi Only.
Orders to be placed 1 Day in advance by 3.30 pm.
Subscription Option Available.
Refrigerate or Boil immedieatly upon recieving Delivery.
No Cancellation.