Ozonated Cold-Pressed Sesame Oils

Ozorie+ organic cold pressed sesame oils are a natural product with regenerating, purifying, antioxidant and soothing properties. It relieves problematic skin and provides hydration and nutrition for all skin types, including the most sensitive ones.
It protects against external aggressors, while deeply moisturising, nourishing, purifying, regenerating and repairing your skin.
Made from 100% certified cold-pressed sesame oil.


It’s important to know that not all ozonated oils are equal in terms of their properties, quality and effectiveness. There is a difference in quality depending on the raw material used as well as the manufacturing method followed or the bottling system, which must guarantee the stability of the product and its active ingredients as well as proper conservation.

It is appropriate to note that ozonated oils can be made from different types of oil (palm oil, sunflower oil, olive oil), or bottled in transparent glass or plastic with a basic dispenser (not an airless dispenser). Some people choose to make ozonated oil at home, without a scientific control process or guarantee in terms of the active ingredient, which can potentially cause it to lose its properties.

Ozorie+ ozonated oils are manufactured from the highest quality sesame oil because of its hugely beneficial Ayurvedic properties and is packaged in a high-quality opaque dispenser that is effective in protecting the product from external elements, including light (which is very harmful for the preservation of ozone in the oil). 

Ozorie+ ozonated oil is backed by the OFI, a Bisleri Trust Initiative. Through its ingredients, presentation and advanced professional manufacturing process, Ozorie+ offers exceptional quality and very special properties guaranteeing the safety, stability of the formula and its proper conservation. All of which guarantees the skin benefits of an extraordinary ozonated oil.


Ozone is a gas with the chemical formula O3. It is the allotropic form of oxygen (O2), in other words, oxygen in its most active state. It is naturally found in the environment and in the ozone layer that protects the planet from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. Ozone’s main property is its enormous purifying capacity, eliminating organic compounds that include bacteria, fungi and viruses. When it is applied directly to the affected area, ozone takes effect immediately, and the only residue that it leaves behind is pure oxygen. This makes it a highly effective natural antimicrobial agent. In the case of ozonated oil, the ozone reacts with the fatty acids in the oil under controlled reaction conditions, forming peroxide species, lipoperoxides, ozonides, aldehydes and ketones, among other substances. According to multiple studies, this synergy between the ozone and the oil explains ozonated oil’s impressive skin benefits: its anti-microbial power against bacteria, viruses and fungi, its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant (because it stimulates the endogenous anti-oxidant system) and immunostimulant properties; its capacity to repair and heal tissues; its moisturising and nourishing properties; its ability to protect against external irritants, improve the metabolism, etc. Over the years, multiple studies have been carried out demonstrating that the combination of oil and ozone creates a synergistic effect that is very beneficial for skin health.


Disclaimer: The Roots does not assess and is not responsible for any effect, benefit or therapeutic value mentioned in the scientific information indicated or in the above-mentioned studies, which are all carried out by parties with no association with the brand; nonetheless, it considers that the public has the right to access this information, which is an exclusively informative and for relevant purpose.