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“Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.”
-Michael Pollan


Daisy & rakesh malik with their grandaughter aliya

Our Story

The Roots is a family managed, women led natural and organic food store in Adichini, South Delhi, India.

We provide, facilitate and deliver fresh, delicious, healthy, natural and organic food, grocery and everyday essentials and guide you through your journey making every step a joyous experience for you and your family.

Founded in 2010 by Daisy and Rakesh Malik with a vision to share the many benefits that ‘we’ as a family experienced after adapting & consciously maintaining a sustainable, environment-friendly lifestyle. With Daisy’s consistent efforts, upward direction with constant guidance & support we have successfully helped thousands of clients from across the world over the years & now we are on a mission.

Our Mission

To help one million families by simplifying the process of ordering farm fresh produce and artisanal groceries for our community members to receive all the benefits and understand how the food we eat affect our energy levels, our moods, thoughts and emotions to begin with. 

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“Our journey with organic food & related products started when our grandson was diagnosed with multiple food allergies at birth, rendering his immune system really weak & vulnerable. We were alarmed & deeply concerned about the new born & immediately took action on our doctor’s recommendation. His advice was to completely eliminate chemically infused products from our daily life, especially what we consume or apply directly. The result is a happy healthy young boy who leads a well-balanced life & lives in London now, free from food allergies and lifestyle diseases (medical supervision advisable).”

– Daisy
(Founder, The Roots)

Why choose organic?

Eating organic & living chemical-free is not a new trend, it has been a way of life for our grandparents & parents until the invention of pesticides, chemicals & preservatives. Generations never questioned the use of adulterants in their food & especially household items we use daily until our children started developing lifestyle diseases at much younger age. However, now there is enough living evidence that proves the ill-effects of agro-chemicals & other adulterants on our life & the environment as a whole. Having witnessed the ill effects of pesticides on their soils & environment a rapidly growing number of farmers across India are now pursuing sustainable, natural & organic farming. Producing high quality raw-material, available to all of us in plenty.


The answer is simple but not easy to master. 

We are here to guide you to adapt, adopt, assume, embrace, approve & really endorse a sustainable, efficient & chemical-free lifestyle. To simplify the process & make it easy for you to follow. Since we’re at it for over 10 years now, it quite literally is our lifestyle.


Why Choose Us

We practice what we preech

We consume what we sell to you. Our store shelves are stocked with a wide varirty of products that we are happy to use in our own homes.

Curated slection

We are proud of what we offer to you. Each product stocked is hand-picked by our team carefully. To bring only the best to you and your family.

Why choose us

Our Team

Our team comprises of strong, driven and motivated women who are on a mission to help families lead healthier, happier and harmonious lives. Dedicated to enhance your food eating  experience. We believe in enabling you to lead a healthy, stress-free & disease-free life.

Daisy malik

Daisy Malik


Sunayana m. Lopez

Sunayana M. Lopez


Neetika malik

Neetika Malik

Creative Consultant