Nourish You Quinoa with Brown Rice Mix
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Quinoa is a gluten-free seed, but used in cooking like a whole grain. This nutrient-rich grain is a wonderful source of complete protein, providing all of the essential amino acids. It is also a good source of dietary fibre. Naturally gluten free, this powerful little grain is a great addition to any diet, but is an ideal solution for those following a gluten free, vegan or vegetarian diet that are looking to increase their protein and fibre. COMPLETE PROTEIN Quinoa contains all the essential 9 amino acids (including Isoleucine and Lycine), thus giving you a complete source of protein. HIGH FIBRE Quinoa is very high in fibre when compared to most grains. This helps reduce blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, increase fullness and help with healthy weight loss. NUTRIENT RICH Quinoa is an edible seed that has become very trendy among health conscious people. It is loaded with many important nutrients. It is referred to as the ?mother of all grains.? BLOOD SUGAR CONTROL The glycemic index is a measure of how quickly foods raise blood sugar levels. Quinoa has a low glycemic index of 53, which is good for controlling blood sugar. METABOLIC HEALTH Clinical studies have found that using Quinoa instead of typical gluten-free breads and pastas significantly reduced blood sugar, insulin and triglyceride levels. ANTIOXIDANT RICH Antioxidants are substances that neutralize free radicals and are believed to help fight aging and many diseases. Quinoa is known to be high in antioxidants. IRON RICH Quinoa is high in Iron, which carries oxygen from one cell to another and supplies oxygen to our muscles to aid in their contraction. DIET FRIENDLY Tasty and known to go well with many foods, Quinoa is a very convenient choice for breakfast (as a cereal), lunch (as a salad) or dinner (as a side). Pack Size 500 gms, Shelf Life - 12 months