Ozone Pain Relief
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Ingredients: Narikela Taila (0.40), Til Taila (0.30), Eranda Taila (0.10), Nilgiri Taila (0.05), Gandapura (0.05), Neem (0.05). Karpoora (0.03), Lavanga Taila (0.01) and Menthol (0.01).

Indications: Effective for muscle pain, joint stiffness, body aches, and sprains.

Benefits: Ozorie Pain Relief Oil provides pain relief and relaxes muscles. Ozone is bubbled through the til Oil to give anti-inflammatory properties.

Directions For Use:  Apply generously on the affected area. Massage gently but firmly until the oil is absorbed. Use regularly for best results.

Packing: 100 ml.