Ginger Essential Oil (10 ml)
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We at Meraki Essentials call Ginger Essential Oil the “Re-energising Potion” as it is an extremely familiar, herbaceous & therapeutic aroma helps reenergize, balance & provide an emotional boost to the mind & soul.

Essential Oil of Ginger is obtained from steam distillation of the unpeeled or dried ground up roots of the ZingiberaceaeOfficinale plant. Ginger Essential oil has a Spicy, warm, sharp & revitalizing aroma and is used to re-energize & revitalize the body, mind & soul.



  • Grounding, Stimulating, Reducing Nausea, 
  • Relieve cold, cough, flu, Improving breathing,
  • Relieves anxiety, Acting as an aphrodisiac, Empowerment, 
  • Fighting Powerlessness, Relieving Stress, Breaking apprehension


  • Reducing bloating & gas, Stimulating proper digestion, 
  • Relieving pain, Increasing blood circulation, Fighting Free radicals,
  • Improving Liver functioning, Relieves symptoms of menstruation,
  • Providing warmth, Relieves inflammation, Strengthen heart, Relief in vertigo, Natural Antiseptic