Patchouli Essential Oil (10 ml)
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We call Patchouli the “Grounding Potion” as its aroma takes you under a beautiful tree where you can smell the rich Earth, it makes you feel at one with Mother Nature. 
The Essential Oil of Patchouli has a warm, earthy, woody, spicy, balsamic, calming and relaxing fragrance. Used extensively in the perfume industry due to its sensuous and oriental tones.
The strong sweet, spicy and musky aroma of Patchouli essential oil eliminates/masks body odor.
The soothing, stabilizing and slightly hypnotic effects of Patchouli help in getting over feelings of sadness or loss, drive away disappointment and fill one with new hope. Patchouli helps us ground and center ourselves and is said to awaken kundalini energy and assist manifestation. 


  • Reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. 
  • Balancing effect on emotions
  • Banishing lethargy, Dispelling negativity
  • Stimulating spiritual growth - great for divination and self-hypnosis
  • Soothing hypersensitivity/hyper-reactivity
  • Sedating convulsions, coughs and epileptic attacks


  • Inflammation, Sores, eczema and other skin condition
  • Helps mature and oily skin - this powerful essential oil may stimulate contractions in muscles, nerves, and skin
  • Promoting growth by stimulating the generation of new cells
  • Inhibiting fungal growth and infections and athlete’s foot
  • This healing oil encourages the speedy recovery of the skin, preventing the development of scars. Patchouli essential oil encourages the growth of healthy new skin cells while adding moisture to skin