Air Bag | Natural Air Purification Bag & Deodorizer
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 The airbag is a natural air purification bag which is the best and safe alternative to air fresheners which contain harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and petroleum that lead to numerous health problems. The coconut-based activated carbon is free of chemical, fragrance & toxins. It absorbs odors, allergens, indoor pollutants, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and prevents mildew, making indoor air pure & breathable by reducing allergies, respiratory troubles & asthmatic symptoms. The bag purifies an area up to 90 sq ft. Air Bag can be used up to 3 years after it is taken out of its packaging. This can be done by recharging the activated carbon by keeping it in sunlight for at least 2 hours once a month. Also, after 3 years activated carbon can be used to improve the soil quality of one’s garden

This bag can be placed in bedrooms, office, kitchen, bathroom, closet, inside shoes, luggage, gym bags, car, refrigerators, near ashtray etc. The main feature of the bag is:

  • Fragrance-Free
  • Chemical Free
  •  Eco-Friendly
  •  Safe for pets & kids

Coconut Shell Based Activated Carbon - Coconut shell activated carbon is considered superior to those obtained from other sources mainly because of its small macrospores structure which renders it more effective for the adsorption of gas/vapor and removal of odor of compounds. When air passes through the activated carbon odor, moisture, bacteria, harmful pollutants etc get trapped in these pores, leaving air fresh, dry & odor free.