Fizzy & flavourful

Brewed in small batches kombucha is a gut-healthy, sweet, fermented probiotic beverage that is great source of antioxidants, Vitamins C & B.

Immunity building Himalayan Goodness

Hand grated, sundried and hand blended with other spices by the women artisans of kumoun to create the perfect immunity elixir

all vegan goodness

Everything plant-based. Perfect replacements for all your regular dairy, meat and skin-care needs.  

Sustainably sourced

We take great-care in sourcing farm-fresh, sustainably grown, responsibly manufactured products for you & your loved ones. Proudly Indian in origin.

Delivery in Delhi and Gurgaon

Free Home delivery

Enjoy the convenience of ordering from a single store. Get everything sustainable, fresh & chemical-free delivered free on all orders above ₹2999. 

Special diets

We understand that your bodies daily nutrition requirements  may be different. Try our selection of gluten-free, vegan & ketogenic-friendly food. 

Juicy tasty aromatic Organically grown fresh fruits

ORGANICALLY GROWN seasonal veggies with high nutrition

Exotic Mushrooms

Make everyday dining experience more enjoyable. Order freshly grown exotic mushroom varieties that are highly versatile & pack tons of flavour

Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms Available at The Roots, Delhi


Light & fragrant with an earthy aroma. Shiitake mushrooms are best used Stir-fries, soups & risotto.

Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms Available at The Roots, Delhi


Delicate texture with a mild savoury flavour, silky when cooked. The perfect addition to your Asian stir-fry’s

Fresh Portobellow mushrooms, available at The Roots


Large, meaty with a rich dense savoury flavour. Marinate & grill them to make the perfect burger.